College Hacks: A Students Best Friend

Every College kids around this time has realized that they may need to pull a few all-nighters, because you know, passing the midterms are important.
However it gets extremely cold out this time of year, and no college bear wants to leave the sanctity of their den, with the cozy blankets and the educational power of netflix.

And of course, snacks. Now no one really wants to eat from a box. But also, no one wants to spend a million seconds cooking.

This is why we utilize the amazing wonderous powers of the 21st century microwave.

The microwave-besides the minifridge- is the one thing almost all college kids have. And it is extremely versatile. You can cook practically anything if you are crafty enough.

Frozen mixed veggie bags are fast, and a great alternative to Ramen noodles.

You can easily throw some oatmeal and fruit all together fill it with a little water from that waterbottle you carried all day and voila!

Or mix a banana, along with some oats and make yourself some banana bread.

Feeling a little fancy but don’t want to spend the time converting recipes to microwave format?

Luckily Modern Food Explorer spent a lot of time expirementing so you don’t have to worry about  that. The only problem you’ll have is choosing which one to try!

Microwave Apple Sauce

Peanut butter Protein Pancakes

Lemon Vanilla Protein Cake

Peanut Butter Muffin With Energy Spread

Morning Oat Muffin 

Microwave Granola Bar


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