College Hacks for Health: Ditch the Ramen Noodles

College is a wonderful time in ones life.

You are finally free to do what ever you want, go where you want, party like you want, and EAT ANYTHING!!!!!!!

wooh wooh wooh, lets back that last one up. Eat ANYTHING?!

No  my friends, you still need to consider your health! However, being healthy is to not to be confused with exotic expensive ingredients, and long prep times. I get it, I was in college too.

I know, ramen noodles are cheap, and the beef flavored just call out your name! But did you ever consider the nutrition your getting? None.

Instead swap it out for a bag of frozen veggies. They take maybe a minute to heat up, and they give you a long lasting sustained energy for those endless nights of… studying. yeah…

Plus brands are getting even more creative! Birdseye has created steamable bags of pre-seasoned and sauced up veggies, like ranch broccoli and buffalo cauliflower! They are 12 oz for about $2.

Or if you do not have a minifridge, go with canned foods! Before you say ‘but the sodium’ check those ramen noodles. Uh-huh, I bet you wont be saying ‘but the sodium, but the monosodium glutamate, but the TBHQ persevative, but the enriched flour…’ shall I go on?

Plus cans are roughly 1-2 dollars a piece and can stay on your shelve the entire semester. Or, if you go to aldis, the average cost is a lot less.

Still dont agree? Or are you thinking ‘ TOO MANY WORDS, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT’

Well, I here ya, oh tired college kid. Here is a really nice graphical chart comparing ramen noodles to birdseye sour cream and onion potatoes, a cheaper  Walmart variety of veggie, and

Nutrition and Price Comparison Chart
Ramen Noodles: Chicken Flavored Buffalo Cauliflower Great Value Broccoli Stir-Fry Mix
Calories 190 50 30
Protein 5 1 2
carbs 26 7 5
fiber 2 2 2
sodium 910 420 15
pottasium 130
Sugar <1 2 2
Fat 7 2
ingredients 0
unprenouncable ingredients 11 5 0
Will lasty entire semester X X X
Cooking Methods
Thaw and eat X X
Microwave X X X
Communal Stove X X X
Vitamins iron(10%) Vitamin A(4%), Vitamin C(35%),calcium(2%), Iron(2%) Vitamin A(15%), Vitamin C(25%), calcium(2%),folic acid(4%)

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