The hardest part  about following a healthier life style is giving up some of your favorite foods.

What if you didnt have to?

Thats where Fonuts comes in.

The store was a vision  of Nancy Truman and husband Thom Furtado. Digging from their passion of health and tasty treats, as well as Nancy’s own gluten intolerance, Fonuts was born. In 2011 they opened the first shop in Los Angeles ( click here for directions)IMG_20190222_123025_236.jpg

How are they better for you? so glad you asked. The delicious doughnuts you find here are baked( never fried), Gluten free( yes, you can happy cry now), low to no sugar added, and for those that are vegan they have a few selections for you as well!IMG_20190222_123503_618

There are a variety of flavors,ranging from classics such as vanilla and chocolate, to more adventurous flavors, like churro and blueberry earl grey. Feeling not so hungry, or want to sample a bunch? No worries! They


make many of the flavors in adorable minis.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Los Angeles and try Fonuts today!

For more information visit their website: fonuts.com20190209_125438.jpg



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